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Welcome to the PGSC Information Literacy wiki. We want to share the resources available to make school research meaningful and powerful.




How can you find the material you need for assignments and school work? Try these links...


Bibliographies, shows you how to compile one using the Harvard system. 




Bibliography template. This template shows you how to easily compile a bibliography. Great for years 7 - 10. Print out a few copies now!



Bibme. Automatic bibliography maker.


bubbl.us is an online brainstorming tool. Really fun!


Comiqs. Make your own comic strip.



Connect. The Department of Education's Secondary School search engine.



Darebin Libraries. Information about the library and how to join the library. It's free.


Data chart. This is a chart where you fill out notes taken from resources before you write them up for your assignment. It makes researching and compiling bibliographies easy.


Diigo. Bookmark and analyse websites. Social networking tool.



Eight ways to check information on websites. Is the website reliable? This graphic shows you how to critically evaluate the sites you use.




Ergo is the new website for secondary school students published by the State Library of Victoria. Great information on research and resources.



Essay Map is an online essay planner that will help you organise your paragraphs.


Fact finder is a sheet that helps students with literacy learning. It helps you get knowledge ready before you begin your research.


The Four Nets shows you how to do a better Google search - it helps you find the best results!



Glogster. Make your own multimedia poster.


Google Cheat Sheet shows you tricks to doing better Google searches.


Google Search Plan. This sheet adapted by your PGSC teacher librarians shows you to how to complete a great internet search. It shows you how you can improve your searches step-by-step. Print a copy out for your assignment now.


How to find information in the PGSC library. This sheet was developed by your teacher librarians to guide you to resources within the library.


Online resources. Darebin Library members can access a range of online resources free of charge by simply entering their library card number. Access to Encyclopedia Britannica, World Book, newspapers and journal articles as well as resources. Highly recommened.


Ning. Create your own social network.


Preston Girls SC Delicious. Delicious gives you bookmarks that lead you straight to fantastic sites for your topic. It is organised by school subject and all links have been selected specifically for PGSC by your teacher librarians. Click here for more information about how to use the PGSC Delicious site.


Referencing terminology. Don't know what Harvard or Oxford means (no, not the Universities)? Find out here.

     APA style

     Harvard style

     MLA style

     Oxford style


Research skills. This site shows you how to define your topic, find information and present your assignment. It is from a US school, but has some good strategies.


Screencast. Upload and manage videos, presentations and more.



Scribd. Share your writing with the world.



Searching Google in a snap.


Storyz. Make your own digital stories and upload to the web (or keep them private. Or share with friends only..)


Ten reasons why the Internet is no substitute for a library. Yes, the Internet is fabulous, but read this document to see how you can improve your research by using a range of resources.


thisMoment. Save and share moments from your life. Great for autobiographical pieces.



toondoo. Make your own cartoons of one, two or three frames.


Voicethread. Talk about and share videos.


Voki. Make your own speaking avatar. Lots of fun.


Your Tutor. Darebin Library members can access this free service where students can chat to Australian teachers and ask for assitance with assignments. Students can upload files/documents so that the Tutors can see exactly what you need to know. Students can save the session as a file for later reference. Highly recommended.


Zoho notebook. Keep all types of media in the one page; videos, documents, blogs, etc.


And don't forget to go to the Library page on the Intranet for more links.


For information on books and reading, click here.


More information about what the library offers and how to use it is available here


Rights and responsibilities document for PGSC library users.




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